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Gain unlimited lifetime access to
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Expert Success "Lifetime Reference Library"!

A Gigantic 28 hours of recordings from world leading marketing, sales and business growth experts. Every single moment of the Expert Success Summit recorded for your convenience! Plus even more world-class education and special offers that weren’t even part of the Expert Success Summit.

The Expert Success
"Lifetime Reference Library"

  • 28 Hours of Recordings Live from the Summit
  • Hundreds of Strategies to Ignite Your Income
  • Plus Over $600 in Exclusive Bonuses!

A Gigantic 28 hours of recordings from world leading marketing, sales
and business experts.

If you want to market better, sell more effectively and create an unforgettable personal brand - and do it very quickly – then you need the Expert Success Lifetime Reference Library as your training program.

It’s an ENORMOUS collection of all the sessions, plus extra material - AND heavy discounts on our special offer programs that only go out to our clients.

It’s all about you unearthing the money that’s hidden in your business, and seizing the abundance of opportunities available to you. Armed with your Expert Success Lifetime Reference Library you can realistically increase your performance and multiply your profits. The more you use it, the more you’ll learn.

Why is this such an important resource?

Because even if you want to, I know it’s unlikely you’ll be able to attend every session of the Expert Success Summit. Hey, 29 sessions is a big ask, and even if you do the odds are you’ll miss something along the way.

And because the Expert Success Summit is a LIVE event you can’t rewind it, and you only have 48 hours to catch the replays. If you miss something it’s gone forever.

But with the Lifetime Reference Library you’ll be able to listen over and over again. And that means you’re learning by repetition. You’re literally pounding the lessons into your brain.

  • Listen in the car.
  • Listen while you exercise.
  • Listen while you do housework.
You’ll even get access to the complete transcriptions of all your favourite sessions so you can read them over and over again, highlighter in hand.

Knockout the Biggest
Threat to Your Business
in One Single Blow

Nothing slows down your business faster than
needless trial and error. It’s a killer.

Why waste months on something that’s not
working? Don’t waste time on this when the
answer is already at your fingertips.

That’s why smart business owners and
entrepreneurs study so much. They know it’s
pointless reinventing the wheel. They know
that every month they waste is another month
they weren’t earning serious money.

So what else is included
in the Expert Success
"Lifetime Reference Library"?

When I put the Lifetime Reference Library together I wanted it to be the most complete library of money-pulling tools it was possibly to create.

So not only do you get every single presentation, unedited from the Expert Success Summit, you also get…

BONUS #1: The MasterPlan Webinar. Value $97

After the Expert Success Summit you’re going to be armed with a war chest of A-Grade marketing weapons. But how do you turn them into your own personal battle plan which gets your business to the next level quickly.

That’s why I’m running a wrap-up webinar where I’m going to show you how to take these lessons and form them into your own personal battle plan. Don’t be overwhelmed – get busy. I’ll show you how to take what you learn and rebuild your business fast.

BONUS #2: A Personal 30-Minute Power Call With Me. Value $247

Have you ever wondered why some of your competitors charge so much, even though they probably don’t even know as much as you?

It’s because they’ve positioned themselves as an authority, and they’re leveraging their expert status to charge whatever they want.

HINT: It’s not what you know … it’s only when people perceive you as an authority that you can charge whatever you want.

In your 30 minute Power we’ll identify what your best positioning should be, how to create yourself as an authority and figure out the fastest and most effective ways to get your message out there. Because once you do, you’ll be flooded with enquiries, and you’ll be able to charge what you want too.

My recommendation? Book your power-call early, and when you get on don’t be late. You don’t want to miss one second with me as I show you how to re-create yourself as the absolute expert in your field, and get more clients at higher prices as a result.

BONUS #3: The No BS Video Training To Making Money With Twitter and Facebook. Value $47

If you think Twitter and Facebook are just for keeping in touch with your friends and celebrities then think again. In the right hands these amazing tools are being used to create windfall profits. That’s because hundreds of millions of people are spending their lives on them. All your customers are assembled in the one place, just waiting for someone to talk to them.

That’s why I’ve secured this amazing video course on using Twitter and Facebook to accelerate your business. It’s a series of bite-sized videos which pack a powerful punch.

You’ll discover advice that’s going to make you money, including:

  • How to build up a devoted following of highly targeted prospects
  • A clever way to get profitable joint venture partners from Twitter
  • The TRUTH about getting real life clients using Facebook and Twitter
  • The secret to getting comments on Facebook and increasing your exposure – and following
  • How to build an email list using Twitter
  • And how to sell using Twitter … before you even have a single follower
This video series goes straight to the heart of using Facebook and Twitter to create new leads and sales without wasting time.

BONUS #4: My Personal Productivity Toolbox. Value $200 (but probably priceless)

People often ask me how I achieve so much in my day. Running events, publishing books, coaching high end clients, plus my young family. It’s true. I get more done in one single day than most people get done in a week.

The secret?

It’s all about creating a millionaire mindset, setting massive goals and being phenomenally productive. The good news is… it’s no fluke. And anyone can do it.

That’s I’ve hand-picked the best possible resources for you to copy what I do. In this collection you’ll discover…

  • Why money is made in your mind before your wallet – and how to create your own millionaire mindset which brings wealth flowing your way freely
  • The secret behind all top entrepreneurs - how to get more done in a day than most people do in a week
  • A winning, proven goal setting formula that gets results fast
  • A simple method to manage your time with ruthless efficiency and get things finished, no matter how many things are competing for your time
And how to stay pumped and motivated, no matter how hard things might seem, and why your ‘never-say-die’ attitude will make you rich

"Thank you, Cydney! I’d recommend you to any budding author."

“The writing is the easy part of every book; It’s the marketing that can be a proverbial minefield! I am grateful to Cydney for taking me by the hand and making the marketing of my book a walk in the park. Giving me the confidence that I needed, she has helped me to work with my strengths and opened up a world of possibilities for me. Thank you, Cydney! I’d recommend you to any budding author.”

Victoria Ugarte
Travel Writer, Corporate Culture Specialist & Best Selling Author

"This is a must have for every manager in business today."

“If you know your business should be on the internet, let alone social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, and know that the longer you put if off the harder it will be to stand out and succeed in your industry… this… is exactly what you need! My friend Cydney has interviewed … extraordinary marketers and asked them the tough questions to help businesses in every industry make money with social marketing. This is a must have for every manager in business today.”

Chris Gray
CEO of Your Empire
Host of “Your Money Your Call” on Sky News Business Channel and Real Estate Expert on “The Renovators”

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